Thursday, November 20, 2014

What to do with your great idea

After my appearance on the TODAY SHOW, I was approached by NASA to help train and mentor their aerospace employees facing unemployment with the downsizing of the space program. This new Entrepreneurial retraining program offered these technically trained employees an opportunity to find another source of income when their space center contracts expired.
NASA’s 8 week business training programs were designed to show these aspiring entrepreneurs what they would need to start a business such as:
  • a business plan
  • finding capital
  • internet marketing
  • social networking
just to name a few. Each semester I was teamed with NASA employees to help them learn how to self- market their business, product or service.

These thousands of space center employees represent the millions of other Americans who have recently received their pink slip. Baby Boomers who have a vast knowledge and long successful track record in one industry, suddenly find themselves not only without a job, but more importantly without a career. These aerospace engineers, many with 30 plus years of a highly technical training, may not be able to transfer their expertise to another industry.
You may have found yourself or someone you know experiencing this same situation. You’re 45, 50, 55 or more years old with a great resume in a wavering or non- existent industry.

Self -employment may be your best solution. Where do you start? What should you do? Who should you contact? Start by gathering information at . I have information for you, the aspiring entrepreneurs. Take the evaluation test and request my new book “How to Turn Your Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business”. Together we can accomplish anything. Call me at 800 513-2025 and let’s discuss the possibilities

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Alex said...

I kept on wondering what would emerge if these folks could all see each other's ideas)
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