Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wonder if celebrity endorsements are important?

Have you ever wondered how certain products find their way to celebrities?  You see celebrities not only wearing the designer clothes, shoes and carrying high ticket handbags, but they often wear a necklace, hat or accessory that is not a name brand or designer item.  Most often if the celebrity is photographed with that new (non brand) item on and it's published in one of the celebrity "scene" magazines like: People, Star and The National Enquirer, the product's sales sky rocket.
Why? Because the association with a Celebrity is now the universal mantra for a real or implied endorsement.

If you're a frequent attendee at business seminars or you're a student of marketing you probably have learned that WORD of MOUTH is the number one marketing tool. Social networks such as Facebook, twitter, blogs and Youtube are a great starting point and absolutely needed in the W.O.M formula.  The best form of Word of Mouth is a testimonial.   In  my opinion, the best testimonial is publicity.  Publicity can be in the form of an interview with your local newspaper - to a review of your product on a network television show.

There's nothing better than having a credible source talk about  you or your business.  By wearing your product, using your service or mentioning your business, celebrities are "by association" endorsing your business. Check out this 1 minute video from the Bonnie Hunt Show.

   If you would like more information on how you can get your business recognized by celebrities check out this article where I am quoted ( #23) regarding celebrity endorsements.
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